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 Somethings wrong again, something big going on cause Chanel and some of the other slayers didnt' come home from patrol alst night, no ones heard from them.. all 4 of them are missing, and peol been running all over the palce trying to find them, and I only know this, cause I'm supposed to not be in mine and Vinny's room for two hours a day.. so I was sitting in the hallway waiting for two hours to be up when Rona told me all about it..

I dunno what there doing about it, but Rona said tht Buffy and Faith are pissed, and growling about some sort of person it better not be, apparently they know someone who could ahve done this.. 

I looka tmy watcha gain, half an hour till two hours is upa nd then I can go back in and finish cleaning our room, its a mess, I have clothes all over the place, going through them and getting rid of most of them, I don't need that many clothes and there are so many peoplet hat need clothes, I thought I woudl give thme to Kittena nd she can take thme to the shelter thingy she goes to, to give to anyone there..

she seems sad lately.. but not really if tht makes sence.. liek she misses the boy who used to be with her all the time, but she still goes and does stuff at the shelter and talks to the others.. She's had her eyes set on SPike for awhile now. but I don't thinks o anymore, casue Spike is with Star, so Spikes not really available.. so she i noticed stays away from him, less she's gotta be with him.. kinda like the way I stay in ym room unless Its time for me to be out here for 2 hours..

Pyper is a good slayer, I watched her here in the hall the other day doign some moves, she is taking karate or something liek that when she's not training or patroling.. Gwens a nice slayer to, I like her, shes nice to me.. most people are nice to me here, that prolly becuase I dn't talk much, it dosen't give them a chance to not like me that way.. as most people tend to be..

I hope they find Chanel and the other girls.. I hope nothing is eally wrong with them, maybe they got lost or something, or maybe they went on vacation and never told anyone.. maybe they.. no on can't think of that cause they didn't, there jsut late or soemthing..

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I look over at Fred and then look back to the CD's on the floor and then look back to Fred and then back to the CD's, I had to ahve done that for a good 20 minutes.. and she jsut sat there looking all innocent at me.. INNOCENT MY ASS!

"you ate Lorne's CD's?!"
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They do it to torment me.

The Chosen Ones...defenders against the forces of darkness...standing against evil...

Hiding my bloody tea!

Now I ask ypu, how bloody mature is that?
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The Good Life

I am living the good life...what can I say?

My daughter and grandson are under my roof again. Jennifer confides in me, trusts me...even comes to me for advice. *smiles* To which, I happily give her. And Davy is making straight A's in school...he is just like his mother...brilliant.

We have dinner together, coffee on the deck and then a nice movie in the family room. Yes, she is still mourning the loss of dear Charles, whom, I have taken care of. He won't be bothering her anymore.

It has only been a week, but she is doing well. Davy understands that his father has problems that are NOT his fault and that he is getting the help he needs. Jennifer trusts that Chanel is getting only the best treatment money can buy and even believes that, in time, they can have a, normal friendship. I was worried that she would want to see the vampire, however, it was fairly easy to keep that from happening. My poor daughter is exhausted, phsically and mentally...her fight is fading.

All in all, under the circumstances, I believe all is turning out most nicely.

Last night, it was pasta and Nemo. I love that Dory! And after my beautiful daughter and beautiful grandson were tucked safely and soundly into their beds, I quietly slipped downstairs to the basement...into the room that no one knows is there...the one that is fully soundproofed...where I was pleasured for hours by my very special pet.

Chandlar Scott did train her well!
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