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Gonna Smack Them!

Gonna smack thme when they get here, if I'm awake!.. somethings gotta give.. theres something going on and Neither Xander nor Lorne will tell either me or Fred what it is.. the slayers patrols were increased.. and I been leaving Marly and Miley with Fred a bit more so that i can go out and patrol.. but again we not been tellign Xander or Lorne that I been going out to Patrol.. cause they had said not to leave the hotel unless we had to.. well HELLO!.. Wolf here, I can patrol.. 

So I been patroling, following some of the slayers around a couple times a day.. not like Xander or Lorne are gonna know anything anyway sonce they are holed up at W&H in meetings constantly..  Poor Fred thinks they stay away because they dont' liek her cat.. It old her thats not true.. told her something is going on and there trying to figure it out before they tell everyone and cause everyone to panick..

I guess the lot of them all know what there doing, if they didn't I'm sure they wouldn't be the ones in charge.. least I would be hoping not.. but they will tell us in time.. tho still gonna smack them silly for keeping us in the dark, not liek me and Fred can't keep a secret.. we do it all the time for different people, Like WIllow and her caffine, I never told anyone she was drinkingit.. and Fred and ger lolli pops, I never rat her out about having three instead of one every couple days.. 
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