scottish_lassy (scottish_lassy) wrote in la_sun,

Something be WRONG!

SOmething be right wrong and they nay be talking.. up me patrols.. be adding three day shifts along wit the three night shifts.. I nay be the only one that be  right pissed about nay knowing what be going on!

Have them meetigns, nay be leaving the office, be getting lunch and dinner ordered up.. be comeing home and then nay talkigna bout it.. oh ye be knwing when we know anything Maddy, ye jsut let me worry about that darlin!.. worry about what!.. I nay know what ta let the bloody englishman worry about!..

Stuck here on the patrol shift, I be taking the last two shifts, I nay be having anything else ta do, since I nay be WORRYING!, why nay do a buncha patrols, spend the day and night patroling.. give the others girls a break.. 

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