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Something is Happening

Something is happening, dunno what it is but its happening.. something big to.. can feel it. I'm not the only one that can feel it either.. and I know this is because all the ones in charge are at W&H all the time and in Spencer's office in meetings like ALL THE TIME..

Giles, Angel, Spencer, Buffy, Willow, Dad, Spike, Vinny, Chanel, Wesley.. they are all in these meetings all the time.. And our patrols have been upped, doing more of them, theres three shifts a day.. not only at night anymore.. so soemthings going on but they won't tell us yet.. 

I got patrol tonight, was supposed to be with Pyper, but somethings obviously got her attention other ethan slaying .. I bet she got a guy or something.. or maybe her and Faith are talking, they talk sometimes.. not very often, mostly Pyper leaves the room, she tells me its so she dosen't bother Faith or make her uncomfortable.. I dunno.. but anyway.. pyper never showed upa t the park where we were supposed to meet, soI got stuck doing it alone.. AGAIN.. 
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