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Something is Wrong

SOmething is VERY wrong.. Something is going on out there.. people are all weird.. well this is LA, but I meant hat people are weirder than normal.. and something feels like its comeing.. I guess if I can feel it, and the humans can feel it, its something big.. 

I was out jsut a little while ago, walking.. and stopped at the park.. and I was killing other vampires.. the bad ones, none of the good ones at the Hotel.. but I was killing them and then I found a buncha them vampires with a baby.. yep a baby, getting ready to be eaten I guess.. or soemthing else.. 

I think i mighta broke up some sort of ritual or something cause it sorta felt like when Willow does her magicks.. only these oens were bad.. so I killed a whole buncha them.. well ok not ALL of them, I'd need more help for that.. but I managed to kill some and grab the baby and I brung her home with me and brung her up to my room..

I am guessing she don't got no one since vampires had her and were gonna like eat her and stuff.. and Kenny, he stil hasn't come back and its been a few months.. so we both don't got no one I figured we could have each other.. shes needs someone to look after her.. I think I can do that.. 
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