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The Good Life

I am living the good life...what can I say?

My daughter and grandson are under my roof again. Jennifer confides in me, trusts me...even comes to me for advice. *smiles* To which, I happily give her. And Davy is making straight A's in school...he is just like his mother...brilliant.

We have dinner together, coffee on the deck and then a nice movie in the family room. Yes, she is still mourning the loss of dear Charles, whom, I have taken care of. He won't be bothering her anymore.

It has only been a week, but she is doing well. Davy understands that his father has problems that are NOT his fault and that he is getting the help he needs. Jennifer trusts that Chanel is getting only the best treatment money can buy and even believes that, in time, they can have a, normal friendship. I was worried that she would want to see the vampire, however, it was fairly easy to keep that from happening. My poor daughter is exhausted, phsically and mentally...her fight is fading.

All in all, under the circumstances, I believe all is turning out most nicely.

Last night, it was pasta and Nemo. I love that Dory! And after my beautiful daughter and beautiful grandson were tucked safely and soundly into their beds, I quietly slipped downstairs to the basement...into the room that no one knows is there...the one that is fully soundproofed...where I was pleasured for hours by my very special pet.

Chandlar Scott did train her well!
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