February 26th, 2008


Same Room..... Same Day

Same room.. same day maybe?..  I can't tell anyone, everything runs togeather, I stopped making little nicks on the wall every time it got dark in here.. that was awhiel ago.. I had almost 30 nicks on the wall

maybe they don't know I'm gone.. or maybe they don't care.. wait.. vinney would notice, wouldn't he?.. maybe not.. i'm difficult all the time for him, maybe he's happy that he don'thave to worry about me.. maybe.. maybe not.. 

Leat I get something to eat everyday and something to drink to, thats a good thing.. and theres a whole lotta different marks ont he walls.. so far I've counted aobut 400 differnet ones.. this rooms been sued before..nto sure what for, but ti has..

I knew I shoud have stayed in the room and nto gone out.. but no i hasd to have a bright idea and go out actually and leave the hotel and thne this happeneds.. maybe they don't notice me, theres enough people there and Vinney loves his job, maybe he forgot all about me, I don't blame him..

Its a good thing the fish i had died, Goldie, or no oen would be able to feed hima nd that would bea bad thing, so this is good that he got old and died, he don't ahve to worry about no one feeding him..

I lean back against the wall sitting on my blanket on the floor and the pillow that they gave me and smile to myself, so will not cry!, not a baby, and not going to cry.. this isin't so bad, least I don't have to go out anywhjere.. least this can't happen again if I dn't go out anymore..

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