December 9th, 2007


Something is Wrong

SOmething is VERY wrong.. Something is going on out there.. people are all weird.. well this is LA, but I meant hat people are weirder than normal.. and something feels like its comeing.. I guess if I can feel it, and the humans can feel it, its something big.. 

I was out jsut a little while ago, walking.. and stopped at the park.. and I was killing other vampires.. the bad ones, none of the good ones at the Hotel.. but I was killing them and then I found a buncha them vampires with a baby.. yep a baby, getting ready to be eaten I guess.. or soemthing else.. 

I think i mighta broke up some sort of ritual or something cause it sorta felt like when Willow does her magicks.. only these oens were bad.. so I killed a whole buncha them.. well ok not ALL of them, I'd need more help for that.. but I managed to kill some and grab the baby and I brung her home with me and brung her up to my room..

I am guessing she don't got no one since vampires had her and were gonna like eat her and stuff.. and Kenny, he stil hasn't come back and its been a few months.. so we both don't got no one I figured we could have each other.. shes needs someone to look after her.. I think I can do that.. 
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Something is Happening

Something is happening, dunno what it is but its happening.. something big to.. can feel it. I'm not the only one that can feel it either.. and I know this is because all the ones in charge are at W&H all the time and in Spencer's office in meetings like ALL THE TIME..

Giles, Angel, Spencer, Buffy, Willow, Dad, Spike, Vinny, Chanel, Wesley.. they are all in these meetings all the time.. And our patrols have been upped, doing more of them, theres three shifts a day.. not only at night anymore.. so soemthings going on but they won't tell us yet.. 

I got patrol tonight, was supposed to be with Pyper, but somethings obviously got her attention other ethan slaying .. I bet she got a guy or something.. or maybe her and Faith are talking, they talk sometimes.. not very often, mostly Pyper leaves the room, she tells me its so she dosen't bother Faith or make her uncomfortable.. I dunno.. but anyway.. pyper never showed upa t the park where we were supposed to meet, soI got stuck doing it alone.. AGAIN.. 
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Something be WRONG!

SOmething be right wrong and they nay be talking.. up me patrols.. be adding three day shifts along wit the three night shifts.. I nay be the only one that be  right pissed about nay knowing what be going on!

Have them meetigns, nay be leaving the office, be getting lunch and dinner ordered up.. be comeing home and then nay talkigna bout it.. oh ye be knwing when we know anything Maddy, ye jsut let me worry about that darlin!.. worry about what!.. I nay know what ta let the bloody englishman worry about!..

Stuck here on the patrol shift, I be taking the last two shifts, I nay be having anything else ta do, since I nay be WORRYING!, why nay do a buncha patrols, spend the day and night patroling.. give the others girls a break.. 

Gonna Smack Them!

Gonna smack thme when they get here, if I'm awake!.. somethings gotta give.. theres something going on and Neither Xander nor Lorne will tell either me or Fred what it is.. the slayers patrols were increased.. and I been leaving Marly and Miley with Fred a bit more so that i can go out and patrol.. but again we not been tellign Xander or Lorne that I been going out to Patrol.. cause they had said not to leave the hotel unless we had to.. well HELLO!.. Wolf here, I can patrol.. 

So I been patroling, following some of the slayers around a couple times a day.. not like Xander or Lorne are gonna know anything anyway sonce they are holed up at W&H in meetings constantly..  Poor Fred thinks they stay away because they dont' liek her cat.. It old her thats not true.. told her something is going on and there trying to figure it out before they tell everyone and cause everyone to panick..

I guess the lot of them all know what there doing, if they didn't I'm sure they wouldn't be the ones in charge.. least I would be hoping not.. but they will tell us in time.. tho still gonna smack them silly for keeping us in the dark, not liek me and Fred can't keep a secret.. we do it all the time for different people, Like WIllow and her caffine, I never told anyone she was drinkingit.. and Fred and ger lolli pops, I never rat her out about having three instead of one every couple days.. 
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